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Just a little spark

is all it takes to light a flame

How can you light a fire

and expect love to be tamed?

Summer heat n jingle belles

they hark unto the call of l’amour

Warm winds and paper jets

sets their foot prints in the sand,

Holding hands up on the shore

it tingles from her toes up

To her brow

Down her neck

Around her spine

Only to adorn

at the mouth of her waist,

Finer than fine

shes’s so damn fine,

Skillfully with no words she speaks

When she woos

she vibes into a language

only he understands

For the more it sparkles

the more he chases,

Aye, the more she is chased

furthermore they taste

Then as they step into the waters

it brews into an ocean of love,

Hearts on fire

Their love’s desire

calls the moon to cast a silver shadow

Like stardust abreast the open sea

the constellation sheds its tears ahoy,

Beyond the height of midnight skies

The smiling sun pronounces

a reflection of rays

immersed with platinum gold,

Long, long ago

there was glitter written in the stars

Their pieces of a puzzle

interpreted from the bottom of his heart

to the tip of her soul

As it sparkles like diamonds

it was a story yet to be told,

When he says

If love was a woman

And music was a lady

the picture perfect moment

would look just like her,

Aye yi-yi


she’s so damn fine…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil  


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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