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Sparkle Romance (Graphic Design)

Title: Sparkle Romance

Style: Graphic Design (Romantic)

Made with: Gimp

© Courtney Dutton

I decided to title the piece as I did because it has romantic elements, and the background is very colorful and sparkly. I like how the background turned out, it’s very fun (at least in my opinion).

One thing I would change about is the heart shaped “land”.  I think that having the heart as the piece of land is a cool idea, I just would change how it is placed in the piece.  The way it is makes it look less like a heart and I wanted the heart to be a part of the art work that stood out.

I added a few more elements, but over all I kept the piece pretty simple.  I try to keep my pieces more simple than complex, but you probably already knew that if you have been following my work.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this design. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.


What do you think?