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Southern Gothic – giclee print

Inspired by Alice Cooper’s star-crossed lovers, Millie & Billie and Grant Wood’s American Gothic, this piece is about a burning affair that turns into a wildfire which destroys not only their lives but the lives of those around them as well…

#1 release version

When I was working on American Gothic, it became clear to me that following the rural look of the namesake wouldn't be gothic enough, so I went the direction you saw in the piece

Later I realized that southern gothic was still an option, so that is how this piece came to be. I often struggle between different interpretations of an idea...

  1. What a beautiful picture! It is bursting with love and passion and the fire in here eyes could melt a glacier! This is when it’s unfair that Virily only lets you react with a “Love It!” This picture deserves a few more reactions with that!

    • I think that I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I’m still struggling with facial expressions and body language to convey the psychology of the piece. It is gratifying to know my efforts have met with success…

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#2 clay render

I don't always try to match the lighting in my statue render, but in this instance I made an effort. Unfortunately, I wasn't able duplicate their shared look in the final

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