Song Of Silence ~ 365 Photos Challenge #245

Fog has even hidden the stones. There were no trees for eyes to watch their dance before finally darkness came and stabbed the eyes. Is this the time for a party?

The flowers do not freeze, nor do they surrender, they merely believe in what must happen, let the purity of reality always show its eternity.

Stepped back to uploads a distance, under the sun that lets the ear hear without listening. Under the moon that let the lips open to make voices without regard to the exchange of understanding. On the earth that seemed rigidly stretched out become the witness of what they were looking for, and not what was important to witness.

Stop for a moment all the busyness, thoughts and fears. Shut up, and listen for a moment to the singing of the universe, with all the verses of love. Just listen.

(If you and your mind cannot understand the message of the love of the universe, then let your soul read it to you).


What do you think?


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  1. Like the song says… The Sound of Silence. I now that sound well and it is very therapeutic.
    Thats for this powerful message my friend. I recently read the backstory of the song.

    Paul Simon reveals what he believes is our inability, or unwillingness to communicate with one another, saying,

    …People talking without speaking. People hearing without listening. People writing songs that voices never shared.

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