Some of my Paintings

These paintings are some of my art work that I have done. I put these here for your viewing and to learn what you think of them. I try to create a lot of things and it’s always good to know what people think.

I have a lot of ideas, it’s good to try new things and it’s one thing to have an idea, and another to put something down on paper. Art work is a 2 way conversation between the artist and the painting.

Often when you are painting or drawing it’s like solving a puzzle. When you are too close to it, you practice something called lateral thinking when you are out of solutions. You put it away, do something else and come back to it with a fresh mind later on, because when you are too close and too intense, you can’t see the wood from the trees.


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I like it all. It’s all your work, and you have your own character and style. You paint honestly, focused, straightforward, and put yourself into that activity. You are not hesitant about rules other than enjoying the feeling when the expression is poured out. Great!

  2. I don’t know a lot about the techniques and technicalities but I know what pleases my eye. Every one of the faces is very animated, and of all of these, I think my favourite must be “Two woman of yesterday”. The facial expression, and the way the breeze catches those flimsy clothes, oh and the colours, really combine to make something very satisfying to look at.
    My second favourite is “Girl at the Beach”, and for similar reasons. I love the facial expression, as well as the long flowing lines of her dress. And I can hear and smell the sea, that background is so effective 🙂 Likewise with “Celtic Woman”.
    In “The last Super” (was there intended irony, or was leaving out the extra P an accident?) I’m intrigued. I like the main face (Jesus’s I suppose) but have no clue what’s happening in the bottom quarter of the painting.
    “Impact” is too violent for my tastes, and the flower and butterfly works don’t hold my attention, but that’s a comment on me rather than on your work.

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