SoCali Summertime Artworks 2021

Monday, 7.19.21

I woke up late today, well, actually at around 10 am, which is late for me, if I want to work out at the gym in the morning.  I probably slept late last night, which I need to stop, and I wasn’t able to wake up earlier. Plus, Gumby woke me up in the middle of the night because I wanted a snack. 

Anyway, I decided to upload my video from an art gallery reception on July 17th. I actually did two videos. So, I needed to go on Movie Maker to put both videos together into one video, as well as add some snapshots from the event, before upload the whole video on Youtube. 

While browsing the artworks in the art gallery, I noticed many summertime themes–wildlife, nature, beaches, Southern California scenes, sunshine, and other summertime themes. I also noticed many people are trying to live their life again, enjoying the summer with family and friends. 

Afterwards, around 2 pm, I decided to walk inside the indoor mall. The weather was humid today, and it is nice to walk inside a mall when it is hot because malls have AC. The mall was very busy, filled with people. Many women were dressed in a cute sundress, which is in now. I was wearing a  sleeveless shiftdress and cute sandals. I walked around until 4:30pm, before I decided to go home. 

I noticed that the 2020 bullshit agenda has made many people worldwide appreciate the precious gift of life and living. 


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