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Not sure if I’m dreaming, I could be awake

Or something in between like between two worlds

I struggle to the surface

Seeking the alpha waves of reality

Whatever reality really is

Delta waves draw me back in

Drowning under the surface

The troughs not meeting, skipping beats

Horses galloping into battle

I am in the front lines

As I walk into the kitchen,

Legs dragging through through mud

Fever dreams

I am now a reindeer gathering firewood

My sled behind me

Searching for the perfect pieces

I am at the table

Trying to figure out my phone

I know there is someone I needed to call

Two bears

One big and one small

Going over the edge

The stars change their positions

The Equinox showing a man

Pouring water down on the Earth


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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