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It’s been all but a minute

since I last said a word,

Spread the word

Let there be no speculation

of what is or is not

If they don’t know

Then they know not…

Sisters and fellas

If she must know

Then I like to tell her,

See me being me

At every other begin again

In the beginning 

I just sit back to observe…

While the world is manipulated

to be paralyzed with fear  

I watch the birds and bees

I even I listen 

to the wisdom of the ant 

How they show us the way, 


Sisters and fellas

It’s been a long time coming

Now the change has come

No longer dumb –

You can speak

No longer blind –

You can see,

You feel the fire

Higher we aspire

On your feet –

Lets keep on walking…

The road ahead is long

But as long as I got you

And you got me

Thru the falling rain

Like the amusement of a maze

you’ll be amazed

As every chapter unfolds 

Our days will be filled

with overwhelming joy

And our nights with peace…

Sisters and fellas

We can’t let nothing 

come between us

Dust from that same Star

We’re magnetic genetic 


like mercury to mercury…

Sisters and fellas

No need to worry

No fear no

Of the open door

the time has come

From the mountain high

To that valley low

Just like gorillas in the mist

We have angels in our midst…


Like the ant who adores

in awe of the One

We too be as one,

Sisters and fellas

To our destination 

For whoever

For why ever

How ever

It’s time,

Let’s move… 

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil    


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • Yes Carol, this is one of those multi dimensional pieces. Naturally the interpretation is subjective to the world at large but in this case it was particularly written to and for my country.
      My world is good and interestingly challenging. Thank you my friend

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