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From the “Art On The Fly Series”  –  © 2018 – Howard Faxon

One day I was sitting around the house and I was thinking about taking extreme close up pictures of the bugs that inhabited my yard so that I could look them up and identify them. A sort of Victorian pursuit without the insect net. There is no need to catch kill things because now we have cameras. (And, I believe that you pay a price when you kill.) It was raining hard and I was stuck indoors when I thought, “Why not practice on the fly?”

I thought I should make these photos artful in some way if I could because flies are a bit disgusting to most people. I decided to do a long continuous series of photos that I would call “Art On The Fly”. I set out to get the widest variety of fly photos that I could. I tried to make them artistic. I tried very hard to make the flies beautiful and portray them as beautiful creatures. The series continues… Though few have been uploaded to my print on demand service I have a collection of very artful flies.

While this one doesn’t really feature the fly’s beauty I like the color and composition of the silhouette fly on a dirty window. I present for ‘Silhouette Saturday’ this photo which has no after camera work other than cropping. It’s “Art On The Fly”!


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