SCRAMBLE the SKY with one bad Lie

Scramble the Sky

Hold your nose High

who’s going to run

after the tell

of a Lie

Oh, My O My

Rambling and scrambling

what we know of the sky

a leader told a bad Lie

the moon closed

and opened one Eye

Earth in shock

missed out on Pie

It is amazing

how a well told

and Sale or Sold

stubborn Lie

can scramble the SKY

Even the Kids

bawl and they


and the Moon can

frown down

from its nose

or nervously open

and shut up one Eye

Trying not to swoon

stutters the Moon

Oh my, oh My!

When a many spoken

LEADER IS a Token of Sly

and a Penny short of Wry

How can you

iron out the dismay

in places on High

and many nice people

are lost to the truth

and miss out

on their “Apple Pie”

Stutter and teeth Clatter

at the Matter

of just having to listen

to that

pretend to be a leader

type of GUY!

Oh my, oh My!!!


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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