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Scarecrow NPC

In Japanese culture, scarecrows are considered wise. I expect this due to the fact that they’re out in a field all day so they see everything. At any rate, in JRPGs, always talk to a scarecrow because they tend to give out cool hints 

#1 rough sketch

quick study for the shadows, conte and charcoal on colored stock

8 points

#2 work in progress

this version has a nice loose watercolor effect, but I want to try another one where the blacks are replaced with another color...

7 points

What do you think?

11 points


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  1. Reminds me of the return to Oz look. You would get a kick out of this movie. Have you ever seen it? The witch takes heads of people. Yikes, but it ends well. Watch it and I bet you love it. Starts out with them tying to give Dorothy shock treatments, cause they think she is crazy. The adventure is not tame, and you will approve of your sister’s recommendation.

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