Save Me


I hear them in deafening volumes asking my ears why they ignored all of the warnings why I chose a life of soul searching

Why I scorned out the wings of lightening why I chose to throw my sights in the dawns of darkness

Why I sold my smiles for pebbles of sadness my broaden shoulders are pillared with the strings of naiveties

Eyes are stretched to the blinding lights of negativity tied my mind is on the loose each tooth is strapped to a decaying goose

Heart is used to being misused it’s arteries are lost in the search of their roots

my right hand is frozen in its tries to pay for my sins and dues

The left is crossed on my chest praying the end time comes in twos

I’ve seen it all, done it all Marched my way to the skies with the waves of the seas I’ve tasted the bitterness of rises and falls

Touched the toes of the life that shoves into a soul when the breathing cease

I’ve lived a life leafed with lies a life filled with the joys of failures and tries a life built around the walls of unheard cries and pseudo smiles

A virgin life flowered with the roses of betrayals a small life in a small world fenced with doubts that comes in layers

Is anyone there? Hear my cry save me from the agony of vanities

Save me from shouts of pride deafening me Save me from the eluding weight of the sugarcoat I wear to proof my self

Save me from the pegs of hopes still clipping my wings to the groundI hear the rumbling collapsing sounds

Sounds of the walls to my mental asylum crashing down on me

Is anyone there?The lights keep going dark save me from the belly of the pained shark I grew accustomed to freight and grunts am crawling back into the caves of the broken Through the tunnels

I’m familiar with these tears on which am floating I know not how long before I start drowning

This head is no stranger to the executioners block You can say I’m pushing my luck But it feels better than pushing drugs And all your products end up slurping down your lungs

Save me anyone!

This king have been on check By rooks and knight of the nights Who hide my rays of hope behind the walls of my imperfections

Making low self-esteem my accolades for failure Save me from me

Save me from sin Save me from what comfort brings

Anybody there?

Save you first!!!


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Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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