Sakura Kick – WIP

Sometimes I can’t figure out the best way to service an idea and it goes through several iterations before I can discover the optimal way to go. Here I have three iterations of the concept before I found something that was worth finishing

Today I am going to walk you through the evolution of this piece, I hope you enjoy this backstage pass into my process

#1 work in progress

This was meant to be a wardrobe test before I added her weapon but it works better than any of the others, so I am reverting to this version and moving forward from here. I'm going to crop in tighter and introduce a nice blossom effect

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#2 cosplay version

This one is almost photoreal; to me it looks like a cosplayer. There is really nothing wrong with that at all, just not the look I was going for...

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#3 polearm version

Originally I wanted to give her a weapon and I like this one, just not with this outfit. Always disappointing when you get nice things that won't play nice together. The background is pretty sweet but it doesn't really mesh with the figure. So I regretfully decided to take it in another direction

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