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Rock balancing

Rock balancing is an installation art and a hobby, where stones are stacked on top of each other in different situations, with the goal of preserving their equilibrium. No sticky or supportive means, wire or rings are used. There are different styles in balancing stones, such as:

– Balanced routing – flat stones are stacked one on top of each other to reach a high height;

– Counterbalance – the lower stones depend on the weight of the higher ones to maintain their equilibrium position;

– Freestyle (free style) – a mixture of both above, can include arches and limestone;

– Pure balance – each stone is in a balanced position for itself.

Artworks in some of these styles can have an extremely short life.

Some visitors to natural areas who want to experience nature in its untouched human intervention resist the practice of balancing stones, especially in public places such as national parks, national forests and state parks.

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  1. Great photos. A tiny and nearly imperceptible bit of sand is a secret aid to achieving balance I think. Well, it definitely helps. We used to balance salt shakers in cafes and they appear to balance magically on a tilt. Step one is to shake some salt on the table. I later applied this concept to rocks.

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