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Red Sky Artwork

I was not sure what to title this piece. As I have stated before, it gets hard to name my designs at times since I have made so many over the years.

I would also like to state that the name in the corner (PoeticEnigma) is an old pen name I went by when I wrote on older sites when I first started. I guess I could have gone over and put my real name since the bottom is in black.  Sometimes I put it over a background that’s more than one color so it’s hard to change where I put my name. If I can in the future I will change out the old name on pieces.

I felt like I rambled about the name thing. I hope you enjoy the art piece despite that! I created it in Gimp like usual (you can just know it’s made in Gimp unless I state otherwise).

What do you all think of this art piece? How does it make you feel? I am interested to know. Thank you for checking out this art piece!


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