Reality of I will Pay for him

Payment claims stopped

after I had tightened noose

on all miscreants.

Peace reigned

and I was smoking a cigar

in my deep armchair

when I found one mole

out of payment group

creeping up my stairs

looking here and there


As he approached me

he bowed to me and sought

permission to sit;

I showed him the floor

beside my legs; he sat

and said in low tones

” Sire, you have caught

only the tip of iceberg

and our group is very long

it reaches a scam of $20 millions

of which you are one victim.

This group finding in you

‘the scariest possibility

of exposure long decided

to hound you everywhere;

specially digitally

and what they claimed

to have ‘paid you’was in fact

a payment to you that escaped

their sabotage, whatever escaped thus

they sighed in frustration and as

cryptic language covered it up

with “I will Pay for him”

so that their sabotage

and digital crimes are hidden well.

Hahaha when he is paying to you

then who would look into his activities

of his sabotage and digital intrusion

into your private transactions.

This group had you on tracking complete

a US University server was used

where a dim witted relation of one of these sat

they used FTP to get things

lifted from your computers

and real culprits are those

with pay-offs in that scam.

They run the show and they want

you rather dead. No-need is an activist

so is somebody very near to you

an ugly dwarf. They in fact,

want you without position, work

or of any consequence

they want to destroy your powerful image

so that they can escape with the scam.

By use of force they are

guiding stuff and paying off

even major guys/gals

who are doing their bide.”

Saying that he fell silent

and I gruffly said,”

Thanks for the insights

but I knew it all along rofl

you know you were jokers

on whom i cleaned my hands

these real culprits are marked

a long time back

and they are nailed

with financial fraud

and I cannot tell you more

just go and tell them that

that they might soon hear

as never before

complete with the list

of latest pay offs!

He let me in a precious parting information,saying.”psssst Sire most conspirators are from reserved caste categories”

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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