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From the Publisher and Writer:


Surreal Reality An endless journey between the brush strokes Paul Pulszartti by L.R. Johnson

I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed our journey together discovering Paul Pulszartti’s life, world, dream, ambitions and commitment. When I was asked to write this book, I must admit I was very hesitant because such a project is not usually what I undertake.  In fact, I nearly said no to the project because being a published author of six books, I felt it was time that somebody honoured me financially for my endeavours, hard work and dedication.

After several E Mail’s back and forward with Gabriel, Paul’s agent, and explaining to him and Paul that people cannot expect authors like myself to spend time on such a project without some form of guaranteed finance, it appeared the book would have to be written by somebody else. However, after thinking seriously about Paul’s wonderful paintings, and talent; deep inside I really did not want to miss this great opportunity.

So, after a short break in communications, and Gabriel asking me if there could be some form of compromise re financing the project, I decide to go ahead without any form of financial advance. I must admit after completing the project, it has given me great pleasure because my wife is a superb artist too, and we know all about the pitfalls, and financial problems surrounding most artists. Although my wife, Elisabeth Johnson, was very successful in selling her works to the public, there was no way the finances generated could provide a steady income. This dilemma, mentioned many times in the book, is Paul’s problem now.

In taking on the project, we are obviously hoping that this book will increase awareness surrounding this undoubtedly talented artist. He deserves the acknowledgements that will arrive very soon, I am sure of that, and to be part of his future success story is indeed a great honour.

From Paul, Gabriel, and myself, I sincerely hope his story will have touched you, and his paintings mesmerized you, just like I have been mesmerized by many of his superb works.

It was indeed a great pleasure, and fulfilling project, to write this book, and in the future, we can all look back knowing the effort and time was all worthwhile because art is what it is; a never-ending story, and Paul Pulszartti will surely be a major part of that story.

L.R. Johnson

More about the publishing house and its published works: look at here Jagged Edge Book Publishing


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Written by Paul Pulszartti

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  1. Congratulation, Paul.
    Your long struggle in artwork and for your works to be accepted and acknowledged by a wide audience has been increasingly stretched. Personally, I feel sympathetic and proud of your achievement.
    My highest honor and best wishes to you.
    Yours sincerely,

    Albert Herdianto Widjojo.

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