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Rainbows and drinking glasses…

A shot I had taken through a water glass and ice… And then did some photo enhancements and played with contrasts, some effects… to create this. So this is a photograph and it is art, as well as probably an abstract! I used to say I want to remain ‘true’ to photography and not use any edit. But I read some writings by professionals who stated, there is no such thing as no edit. Even choosing settings to take a photo is already an ‘edit’ as well as adjustments made in a darkroom. Β When what matters is that we produce a resulting image that pleases the audience’s eye. Think about it…

*I realise this subject probably has opened a can of worms as there are many views and stands taken by others. Oopsss…


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  1. I came from a very documentary photo theory. My “no edit” philosophy is now only related to the “abstract photography” (that phrase kills me) I do and it’s really my personal exercise to find ways to use the camera. I edit the heck out of stuff often now. Shhh.

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