Quick Sketch: Sword and Blood

Another quick sketch. A study of the main character of the story that has been playing in my ears mind for years.

The Sword and Blood is not yet final. It’s a working title in progress. Everything is a work in progress. I have the initial plot. But I don’t know how to end the story… I don’t know how long it will take…

One thing I need to do as soon as possible though … start writing chapter by chapter..

I almost forgot I already started the first (unpublished chapter)… and I have posted the cover drawing here before. (read: The Sacrifice)

These two drawings are actually related. I have the first chapter in draft. I will post it soon after I post the conclusion of my Wrath of the Minotaur mini-series.

Thanks for reading!

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    • heheh, Patience my friend. I am quite preoccupied on other matters lately. I have doing these quick sketches for now for a couple of reasons,.
      1, Not to lose the ideas that pops into my head
      2. I just want to let it out.

      I appreciate it that you enjoy my works, truly. Your words actually encourages me to keep doing these and continue with my planned story… perhaps a graphic novel or something..
      and someday I will harvest what I have sown… (this is my next topic actually),
      Thanks again, my friend

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