“Purification” – a book of poetry

Some time ago I was working on the project with a polish poet Tomasz Przybyłko. The book of poetry with an illustrations. The book in the Polish language at the moment, but I can represent one of poems translated with an illustration.

The book can be seen here

Poem by polish autor Tomasz Przybyłko

…. We ….

We get used to each other again  and again

after countless hours of parting

so casual, no springs attached

never certain

and yet there.

Your nights and the eyes still dreamy I own them

and yet there.

Your sorrow I hold on to

your anger – mine

I yearn to hold you…

Allow a touch, a gentle brushing of the spring apple’s gorgeous sweetness

we become one

never more distant in our thoughtful heads

yet so close to each other.

Poem by Polish author Tomasz Przybyłko


What do you think?


Written by MariuszZ

artist, illustrator and photographer.
let an art influence your imagination freely and beyond explanation.

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