Promoting Your Artwork

Thursday, 1.21.21

While watching Youtube videos, I checked out some vintage videos of fashion designers talking about how they started out. Some won contests, while others got in the fashion industry by accident while pursuing other creative endeavors. Few actually went to art school or fashion school. (I was already aware of that because it is all about who you know or being in the right place, at the right time, which is why I didn’t waste my time getting a degree in art. College mostly teaches you to think on your own and make your own choices, rather following bullshit on the media like all the braindead and brainswashed morons in society). 

While checking out these vintage videos of fashion designers at a younger age, I noticed that they each use their personality to promote their fashion designs.

A young Karl Lagerfeld drew quick and rough fashion sketches with pastels and markers as well as using his photography skills and making movies for Chanel. He appears to be a doing, learning everything on his own and just doing it.

Betsy Johnson comes out on stage performing her athletic abilities, whether roller skating on stage or doing gymnastics, cartwheels and flips.

Diane Von Furstenberg is very business-oriented because she has a degree in economics.

Therefore, what are your main skills and personality, and how can you use it to promote yourself?


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