Printing Photos on Different Papers

Saturday, September 22, 2018

I woke up early for a Canon photography workshop from 10 am to 4 pm. Photographer Eric Joseph talked about printing photographs, Canon printers, getting professional results, and papers for photos. Different photography papers were examined in order to compare the difference. Each paper was very unique in texture, thickness, measure of weight, and color. Some of the papers have a metallic background, which creates special effects on the photo. We checked out different black/white and colored photographs on different paper.

I noticed that Innova and Ilford Galerie papers feel very heavy and thick, in which I would want to use such papers for postcards, business cards, posters, and portfolio.

Matte papers tend to give the photo a vintage look.

Glossy papers are more vibrant and fun, giving the picture an artistic magazine look or even an editorial look.

Moreover, each specific paper will print color differently. It is therefore important to create a profile for each paper, or even adjust the profile for each photograph and paper in order to make sure you get the right or desired colors and look for your overall photograph.

Hahnemuhle does mostly “Photo Rag” paper. Such paper contains optical brighteners. Canson paper is whiter, and it doesn’t have optical brighteners. As I compare these two papers and the photographs on each paper, I notice they are very close in color tones, but one appears to have slightly darker tones.

I also checked out Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag paper, which is soft.

Most electronics are reasonably priced. But the accessories that you would need, such as ink, paper, and other items, usually are very expensive. Cameras, computers and printers are usually reasonable priced, but the upgrades, accessories, software, and other needed items are usually very expensive.

As I inspect different photographs on different papers, I think that black and white landscape photographs would look good on metallic silver paper.

Matte paper tends to use less ink.

Hahnemuhle’s William Turner paper versus Canson’s Baryta paper:  The photograph on the Baryta has darker and cool-toned black while the photograph on the William Turner has a warm-toned  brown.

He talked about spraying photograph surface for protection with PremierArt Print Shield Spray or Hahnemuhle Protective Spray. These sprays have UV Protection as well as they prevent scratches, scuffs, and contamination from deteriorating prints. They cost around $15 to $18.

OBA is Optical Brightening Agent.

Hot Press is smooth matte paper.

Cold Press is rough texture paper.

Bokkeh is the Japanese word for blurry.

Awagami Ink Jet Paper is a very thin photo paper. I think it feels soft, similar to cloth.

Slickrock Pearl paper is metallic glossy paper, Juniper Baryta Rag paper is matte paper with richer tones and colors. Both have the same scene of a Japanese building with a Japanese garden. But both papers give the same scene a different effect. I think the metallic paper fits the Japanese scene better but the matte version also looks good because the scene looks more traditional and elegant. The colors in the matte version appear to be bolder and richer. They are printed on MOAB by Legion Paper).

He talked a little about color management and custom profiles as well as a 4K Monitor is good for videos. It has scales for PCS but not MAC.

I got this photo printed on on 11 by 17 white matte paper.


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