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All good things arrive on time,

The Earth revolves around the sun

no more than she suppose to

I’m not so much into Christmas

but still I’m merry

Cos from the East

when the nights show up as starry

One bright star begins to speak

that an angel’s calling…

Orchestrated by The Name

Seasons know exactly when to change,

There’s poetries in motion

as the rolling of the oceans

Our Universe she brings

all the things

that makes your heart to sing

A well that springs forth from within

When the passion’s burning fire

Weak in the knees

can’t help but down to be falling…

Life pleads the lessons

to the ones who have strayed

Love is not a game to be played

But an honor and privilege

to write the pages of a never ending story,

At this very moment in time

I see what’s always in my heart

The light of a butterfly wrapped in a bow

Like a crimson sky

kissed by rays of sun

Beautiful as poetry to me

It’s undeniable,

You’re like a kosher wine

that flavours better n’ better

with time…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil

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