Poetry Right On Time


On an ordinary day

After the time after

When the hype has faded

And duty is not so intended


I remember…

No fancy expressions

No poetic impressions

Just ordinary words 

straight from my heart,

After the time after

I remember 

I remember mama…

Not just my mother

But every mother 

who was and still is mama,

Mama to hers

and all who she closely holds dear

to her big ole heart…

When I think about it

Who’s mind can truly understand

the love of a mother?

Maybe I’m wrong but

No book can entirely explain

Or measure the depth

or height of what a woman feels

when she’s bonded inside of her love,

How can only 1 day be dedicated

When every day she’s dedicated

to being a mother…

When I wander

through the corridors of my mind 

I can only wonder

That inside of God 

there’s got to be a mother

And inside of mother

there’s got to be part of God…

On an ordinary day

After the time after

When in my heart

I feel these sentimental thoughts

I remember,

After the time after

I remember,

I remember mama… 

Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil    

* * * * * * *


Her love is like a river 

that runs deep in to an ocean

of who knows where…

She’s wired differently

Who can understand her

When at times 

she can’t even understand herself?

Through her journey in life

Righteous like crazy love

One day

she can love you so deeply

That it seems as though sugar 

can never be sweeter,

Betcha by golly ‘how’

If she feels scorned on the next,

She’ll grate on you

like you were the plague

But then when her heart 

gets the best of her

And she misses your loving

like crazy

She’ll come to you

like Jesus to a child,

Longing to love

as though a storm engulfs

She will comfort you

with the adornment of her presence…

Her love

That’s when her love

is like both sunsets

and the sun rising in perfect timing,

The adoration of her love

is like the gesture of the moon

on starless winter’s night,

That’s when

You will taste it 

in her food

And then

You will feel it emitting 

from the fragrance of her aura…

Unlike a male

She’s a woman,

Once she’s a mother

She can’t help but being herself

Through the times and seasons

Through the highs and lows

Even to the point 

of what seems like foolishness

Her love will stand the tests of life…

Now the mirror says

In her honor 

for the many roles that she plays

While it is still today

Everyday in every way

We ought not to ignore her…

For her love is like sunshine

through the breeze of poetry 

A mother’s love

There’s no love 

like her love…

Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil     

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  1. Oh Carol, you are so special and then some. When I wrote this piece you were one of so many mamas that were seated in my place of creative poetry. I’m not even sure if there’s more in those other rooms. Time will tell…

  2. How beautiful Bradley. The love of a mother is unlike anything in this world. I know because, as you know, I was a mother for 16 years. And still am, always will be. And I remember the love of my dear mother. She loved me unconditionally.

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