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Poetry At Caffeine’s Lounge: Ep.2

One of the in house DJ’s shares a piece…


One ordinary day

No celebration

No special occasion

No lines to rehearse

Maybe just another verse,

But when morning awakes me

When I feel the taste

of caffeine upon my lips

The blood in my bones

Comes alive like a surge

of electricity,

Like lightening is exciting

Just a sip

Just one hit of your love

Then one more cup of

I can’t get enough of

I’m an addict for more

The more I sip

The more I explore

Thru the open door

No more ordinary

Extra into ordinary


A reason for celebration,

Another verse

Another line to rehearse

You I be choosing


how bout we two be cruising,

Still I’m an addict

Addicted to your love…

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil

One after the other a rapper and his poetess friend both share the same lyrics toward 2 different genres of music.



The way you parade

You want something,

You want it to want you

But do you want it

As much as you want it

to want you…hmm?

You want so much

But can you give as such?

Greens to a rabbit

Is it your habit

That you gots to have it?

Maybe you want it

just to control it,

Could it be

You want something

simply because you shouldn’t have it?

Such a wonder

I wonder…

The game

Who’s to blame

Who’s makes the rules?

Heart racing

Adrenaline pumping

Ya beat’s jumping

Greens to a rabbit

Is it ya habit

You gots ta have it?

It’s a wander

I wonder…

The same ole same

Seems like –

it’s your game your rules

Beguile your smile –

Like a moth to flame

For whoever lingers

the entrapment’s for fools

You want it all

And you want it

wrapped around your fingers,

What can I say?

Strings that defile,

I guess that’s just the way

players play…

Seduction needs no introduction

A charming disposition

Beyond your sexy smile

Box of Pandora

It’s a wander

I wonder,

Right behind your mask

Exactly what kind of love

are you hiding?

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil

Thereafter a well dressed gentleman graces the stage alarming the attention of a few admirers. As the music begins, passion coupled with deep emotion takes over the ambience of the room. Articulately he recites the poem with his eyes closed from the start of the piece right up till the end.


Pardon me Madame,

I hope you don’t mind

If I wear my heart

on my sleeve now,

See every time you’re around

I get these

warm & tender feelin’s

And it’s difficult

to actually say what I mean,

The thing is

When I look at you,

When I really look at you

With all your pros

And all your imperfections

The only word

that plagiarizes my mind,

is Wow…

And er…today

After just 1 cup of Espresso

Like a flood from within and without

My feelings bubbling up

They came over me in rush –

I’m ever so crushed

Por favor – please


I hope you don’t mind

that I express so,

A one in a Mill


You are that one in a million

That Mami I Like to Love,

Every way I can

Any way you want

Lady let me learn…

One in a Mill

You stand out in any crowd

Even if I was a blind man

Wherever you’d be

I’d still feel your energy there

Vibing out to you

I’m vying for synergy,

Touch me

Lush me

With your essence

Lady love around me

Come and cloud me,

My buttercup this fire

Can you feel me…

Opulent thee rare

The rose of a desert

who’s stood the sands of time

Sunflower beautiful

You’re poetry to my rhyme

That fleur in the garden

I’ve heard so I’ve heard

That the very stars

from above feel ashamed

Girl when they see you shine…

One in a Mill,

Any way that I can

In every way you want me to

Senorita especial

Miss lady you are

That Mami I Like to Love…

Thank you…

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

When the music died there was silence for about 30 seconds until the audience gave a standing ovation. Some folks teary eyed while others nodded during the applause…

Moments later the other DJ decided to dedicate 2 songs for International Woman’s Day. Songs that he perceived to be relevant to reality, written and performed by an extremely controversial artist. First


FIN…till the next.


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  1. Amazing tribute Bradley. You are such an inspiration. I get lost in your words.
    Now I am headed for a second cup, I never have two but after reading this,
    gotta have one more. Incredible work as always.

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