Poetry At Caffeine’s: Ep. 5


Never too far to be

just a touch away

The vibing’s baste on

like early morning dew

Her sweetness appeal 

So real 

I can almost taste her,

Draped with prisms of light

Somewhere upon the horizon

There my ocean’s calling…

On the eve of our dawn

A brand new sky here be born 

Like an entourage of pearls

laced upon a string of saffron gold

Dripping from all the glory

What a delight 

she’s chaste for love…

A selection of reflection 

Basking on tour for sparkles of sunlight

She moves like a chameleon 

who’s asking to be chased by love

For the more that I realize

Our poetry should flourish 

thru the whetness of our worlds…

How can I deny 

my love of love?

Brighten nights in sight

From west to east

I follow that star 

to home her heart close to mine

For she is a taste of love



And yes this Tess

It’s undeniable that she is 

most opulently irresistible.. 

This year today

May I say

Ta, ta tay 

Merry me I merry you…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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