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Poetry At Caffeine’s: Ep. 4


What awakens the soul?

Mystical like the evergreen of Eden

Could it be 

The intrigue of the unknown

Perhaps the enigma of another


A beautiful soul

blissful for their wholeness

Is she and he 

Yearning for the romaunt?

Are they inspired by desires

To be appreciated

To want 

and be wanted

To chase 

and be chased

Of love and for love

To aspire toward a never been?

Moments in time

seeking the edge of infinity

A heart to heart

journey of discovery

Each petal a part of

Like the fragrance of a spring,


the unwrapping of a gift

Only to discover many are

the gifts within the gift,

Upon the higher plateau

resides an opulence 

Where step by step

the romance is an awakening

Learning the dance 

of two and of one,

The dance of truest Love…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     



Morning my love,

Now that Love has taken over

For you I raise my curtains

For certain

Come see my window blinds 

are filled with rays of light,

Born of the African sun

This Eastern blended

Mediterranean flavor

opens his heart out to you,

My love I pray

I wait for the day 

when you say –

‘Ven a caminar por mi jardín’

I wait


I wait,

In a dream 

I dreamed you near

You my love 

Ooh you

Lovely as the crescent moon

You were laced 

within a garment of satin blue,

Closer than close

Like waves of the ocean

we moved upon my wings

In the rhythm of evening

There were kisses in the moonlight

I felt your heart breathing

thru the left side of your neck,

But alas, alas 

The sunlight on my face 

reminded me

that moment is not yet,

Ay mi amor 



La danza del amor…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     



Baby you n’ me

We’re like Genres

Any category

If they bring it

Girl lady you sing it

And I B’ll wing it,

Place no limits 

on the things we can do…

When we do what we do

How we do when we do

Lock n’ keys

from here to overseas

We’re more than flames

Heaven knows for sure

You and I we’re the fire

You’re the picture to my frame

You –

keep taking me higher…

Silly Billy me

At first

I thought it was stupid cupid

gunning it’s game,

Up in my zone

minding my own

Didn’t know I was chosen

Till your drone shot me down

straight thru the heart,

Now I keep bleeding love

from the arrows in my chest

Wooed not wounded

Captivated by you I’m oohed 

Oh how I’ve been touched

by an angel from above…

Crystal clear to me

See my eyes 

are open to this Eden

But you’re the only bloom I see,

My poetry in music

I can take you anywhere 

A super model extraordinaire

You’re the baddest of the best,

Lover of my soul 

Listen to my heart

And take low caution from the rest…

Of course I play 

but I ain’t no playa 

Know the B

I only run game 

on my own floetry 

In the kitchen 

I be always cooking 

Like a scientist I be the maddest… 

Place no limits 

on the things that we can do 

Baby you n’ I

We’re like Genres

We smite when write

You sing and I wing ,

Walk with me angel,

Shall we dance –

Shall we dance…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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