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Poetry At Caffeine’s: Ep. 3


In a crowded room

Blues like jazz tenderly strumming my theme

Thru the core 

My blood beats like a fire like a rage

Me trembling as I close my eyes,

This is what I say…

 ‘If she only knew’

If she only knew 

how I yearned to whisk her away

To a cabin high up in the mountains 

where the snow falls

Its winter time by the fireplace 

and us tucked away within a few walls…

Chocolate hearts scattered on Persian rugs

Moroccan coffee steaming from his and her mugs

Me on my back I lay low

Watching a reflection of the flame 

behind and around her

glowing like a halos, oh…

Here right here

More beautiful than a van Gogh

this girl appears on fire

I close my eyes amidst her sweetest caress

to let the river flow til’ when we retire,

And in the morning when we rise

The aroma of chivalry’s ambiance 

still will tantalize…

Gently in the cozy kitchen

My arms surround her from behind

Four hands in a bowl kneading pastry dough

Mix and fold and rock and roll

We speak with no words 

and yet she knows

She knows how much her I adore,

For the more not less

As I explore I brush sweet kisses 

up against her neck,

In the womb of our nest

We’re still on fire 

while inside my embrace 

her I lovingly hold…

But she doesn’t even know how I feel 

So should I keep it to myself

And only wonder 

‘If she only knew’…

Copyright © 2015                        Bradley M. Tremmil     

* * * * * * *


There’s something in her eyes

telling me that she knows,

I try to hide it

like a secret never told

Still she feels the mist

of vibration seeping out

Like soft falling rain

To her face 

Down her brow

and onto her chest…

With eyes that beguile

She looks thru me

As if we’d be dancing 

Face to face

Cheek to cheek 

With me close right up against her breast,

Her lips when she smiles

In a daze up and away 

I’m gone,

Is it me really me

Or the reflection of our muses

seeking out my poetry…

In her eyes she knows

Superficiality’s not my style

I’m not into all things that glitter

I go for gold, 

That one in a mill

I don’t mind at all,

More colours more hues

Green for go

Say it right 

I say so

Gimme the night

Gimme Rhythm 

Gimme the Blues I’m akin to…

She knows or does she?

If there’s magic 

when we lock eyes

It’s only a matter of time

Over and over in her mind

She’ll be humming out my rhymes

Sinking into other thoughts

she’s thinking…

She knows better

not to play with fire,

Never the less

She circles my runaway

Playing her game of thrones,

Maybe she thinks I’m tamed

Like a moth to a flame

she teases

Nearer to I she beguiles

As if I’m gonna sup from the cup

who pleases…

When my candle is low

Smooth as wine & cheese

I’m the lion in a cage,

When my fire’s on the rage

The go getter untamed

I go get her

I’m greedy like the needy

I drink up the cellar…

She knows or does she?

When it’s hot in the kitchen

It’s better not to play with fire,

Unless she’s thinking

What if this

What if that?

What’s it like to be Caffeina

The queen of Caffeine 

When the world says,

Who’s that girl

Have you seen her?

She’s so elated



Elevated higher,

Different to every other than,

Whoa man,

She’s so damn Caffeinated…

Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil     

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    • Mercie LaJenna,
      your words are like the evening scented perfume
      on a cozy winter’s night in June.
      After May,
      May I say,
      shall we resume to have
      more coffee,
      more poetry,
      more tunes,
      so deeper into the hue we can delve.
      And again may I say,
      Je vous remercie…

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