Poem: Look For Artist Within You

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Who are you

Sing your poetry like a song that is within you

The things that you like are unique

and so are you

Every day your life changes

so write about it

for without it

the artist within you

has been laid to rest

Bring the creativity back that is within you

and write


write something

about your passions and desires.


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


    • Thank you Albert Herdianto Widjojo, but wait until you see the one that I am waiting for approval on. It is not the word you keep using for me-simplicity lol

      • Hey… Do not be offended if I talk about simplicity, hehe… because simplicity is really great, complexity (of words) is often just a small game that is empty other than just the intention to show the “greatness” of the author! For me, the content of message and meaning is far more important!