The Plain Sister – 3

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When a boy announced, “I have a date with Kerry on Friday,”  he did it so everyone could hear.  Especially other girls.   Other girls who may have skimmed over him would look with new eyes.  If the great Kerry would go out with that boy than he was more than one might have thought.

Getting a date with Kerry often meant they would have no trouble getting a date with Lisa or Connie or Della.   For Lisa or Connie or Della would think;  “If he’s good enough for Kerry, he is good enough for me.”

It was a twist on what Mommy had told Kerry.   Mommy had said;  “It was enough for a boy to have you sitting next to him.”

It was enough.

To get a date with Kerry raised a boy’s stature.   He didn’t have to like Kerry, he didn’t have to care if she lived or died.  All he had to do was be able to tell his friends;  “I had a date with Kerry on Friday,”  to make asking out another girl a likely yes.

I realised that where Kerry played her pretty for all it could get her, the boys also played Kerry for all it could get them.


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