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Pizza Delivery – WIP

don’t let the piece fool you, this is just a materials test. although I have tossed in a sneak preview of where the piece is actually going… but for now, just enjoy the red speeder you all like so much…

#1 full outfit

not going to be using the whole thing anyway

10 points

#2 sneak preview

so this is kinda where she's going...

9 points

#3 fixed

but just a few fixes later and she's shaping up

8 points

#4 screw up

started a render from the wrong camera. that was a wasted seven minutes

8 points

#5 raw

this wasn't working at all

7 points

What do you think?

17 points


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  1. The raw one scares me a little … lol is the pizza from hell?

    I wonder about the condition of the pizza though … or if its really pizza in the truck or other substance … hmm …

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