Pink Carpet Vignettes

Monday, 5.6.19, MET Gala 2019 Vignettes

People finally start arriving after 20 minutes.  The first girl wears a soft pink haute couture dress, which really isn’t campy. I think it just looks like high fashion runway outfit. I actually liked her round silver purse. By 28 minutes, Anna Wintour arrives in a soft pink gown with a furry feathery soft pink cape with dark navy tips. She gets a lot of cheers from the fans across the street who line the other side of the street behind a metal fence. An attractive woman in an elegant black pantsuit with red accent of a huge red décor piece in front, and a long red train behind her, in which a man picked up and carried as she walked up the steps. I made it to 33 minutes, as I wait to see who shows up next. Most women across the street are holding on strand of pink rose. There appears to be a large crowd across the street. I also notice the staff are dressed in monochromatic black gown outfits as well as black and white suits. I would be bored if I had to stand around waiting for four hours to photograph celebrities on the pink carpet. After 41 minutes, Lady Gaga arrives in a bright pink gown with a matching large bow tied around her platinum blonde hair. She had gold spiky eyelashes and hot pink lips. Many men carried her long pink train behind her, although her billowing pink frock was flying up like the Marilyn Monroe iconic short dress skit. Under Lady Gaga’s pink gown appeared to be a black dress. She takes off her bow headband to reveal that top of her hair is done into little platinum blonde bows. She peels off the pink frock; well, she actually had help from her entourage, to reveal a black gown underneath, as well as many tattoos on her back, shoulders, and arms. She now holds a black umbrella up, like Mary Poppins, which is obvious they are now promoting witchcraft. Lady Gaga takes off another layer to reveal a bright pink slip dress gown. She is kind of like that Russian doll within a doll toy. She now wears large black sunglasses, outlined with diamond gems.  She holds a huge mobile phone purse, and struts up and down the steps performing, which involves reapplying bright pink lipstick a couple of times. Makeup people surround her with mirrors and makeup brushes to touch up her makeup. There is a bright pink toy wagon with gold wheels and handle on the side. Lady Gaga now takes off her pink gown, to reveal black sparkling Madonna bra and matching panties, black sheer fishnet hosiery, black high-heel platform boots, and lots of tattoos. She wears a gold butterfly choker. She lays on the pink steps, like Madonna’s Like a Virgin pose. I am not sure if she is referencing 80s Madonna or 50s Marilyn Monroe.

I made it to one hour. Serena Williams arrives in a bright neon yellow puffy gown with pink 3D textured leaf-shaped accents. Her dress also has long train trailing behind her. It looks like she is wearing neon yellow sneakers. A man in all gold is carried by other men in old gold on a velvet-covered stretcher. I think it is supposed to be Egyptian or Pharoah or something like that. 6 male carriers let him down, and he walks on the pink carpet, flapping around his gold wings around as he walks up the pink steps and models his detailed monochromatic gold outfit. He also kind of looks like that Phoenix bird. A black woman dressed in monochromatic frilly and ruffled gown walks out. Her headpiece looks like a subtle snake. But she actually looks good rather than campy. A man next to the golden bird outfit is holding something, which states “FUCK U PAY ME.” Two men in billowy long sleeve monochromatic outfits, one in metallic bright pink and the other in sheer back, walk out together. There is also lots of frills and ruffles. A woman in a fluffy and ruffled pastel gown. It actually looks soft and comfy, if it was a bathrobe. An Asian woman models an interesting high fashion red dress, filled with detailed texture, which includes a headpiece. Another Asian woman walks out with a gown filled with ruffles and some feathers. 2 gay men walk out in monochromatic suits. A chubby woman wears a Gucci jacket as a minidress with sheer hosiery with sparkly words. It looks interesting, but I think it would have looked better on a model.

She wears Gucci gold pins and hairpieces in her hair, which is pulled back into a ponytail, in which she also wears a red scarf around her ponytail. I actually noticed many women with one ponytail at this event. She wears big gold earrings. A black woman with red/black straight hair walks out with an ornate gold gown, gold platform shoes, and a clutch with DAPPER DAN. I think the bottom of the gown has the design texture because in the center of the dress, below her gold breasts, is a bee logo piece. The Gucci woman also has DAPPER DAN at the back of my Gucci minidress jacket. A black woman with a metallic peach gown, long metallic floral cape, and a diamond tiara piece at the back of her head, followed Hamish in lavender suit and colorful long cape with feathered boa. It is starting to get chaotic all of the sudden. A blonde woman in long orange tiered ruffles and dangling earrings. She is dressed in monochromatic orange, and she actually looks good in her outfit. She might be a model. Two women pose together, on in a metallic bright pink monochromatic suit, while the other in a beige, billowing sleeved gown with black polka dots. A VS Models walks out in white gown with detailed textured design. Celine Dion comes out in a metallic showgirl outfit, which looks very French and 20s because of the long fringe and headpiece. A blonde woman wears a long sleeve black gown with white skeleton. More people with ornate outfits. Celine wears Oscar de la Renta outfit. Model Karlie Kloss models a gold minidress with black billowy arm sleeves and gold platform high heels shoes. An Asian woman wears a gold pleated gown with tiers and large shoulder ruffles. She also wears sparkly gold eyeshadow. A black woman comes out with platinum gold gown with side slit and long platinum blonde hair. She wears Moschino, with huge diamond chandelier earrings. Blonde woman walks out in neon pink short dress with neon pink feature tutu skirt, neon pink lighted headpiece, and white over-the-knew booths with gold décor piece. There is also a gold bow pin on her chest.


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