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Quarter to the clock

While cities suppose to sleep

Midnight creeps in

like a chameleon jittering dance,

All alone 

But not alone

Your I, me and yourself

You talking and it’s deep,

You having conversations 

with your mind

Worrying about this

Wondering about that

Your thoughts are flickering

all around the room

Of all that’s right

And all that’s wrong

About the way it is

The way it should be

And what about the way

it could be, if only… 

You’re having conversations,


when you’re supposed to be asleep,

Your pillow’s lonely

without the comfort of your head

Vibing words of sweetness

Praying, saying

‘Hey there homely girl

Lay your head 

upon my shoulder 

Relax your mind

Closer come closer

Let me cradle you only,

Shhh…don’t think

May I comfort you 

I wanna hold you

like a secret never told,

Belle of mine

Oh well of vine,

Deep in my feelings

As you drift to dream

Have I told you lately

That my chest is empty

when you’re not near?

Here my dear

Closer come closer,


Pillow talks…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • You are quite right. There is also an R&B song with the same name.

      I haven’t watched the movie though. I think will soon, most probably by the weekend.
      Who knows I may end up writing ‘Pillow Talk Too’…or something like that.

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