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They say

If wishes were horses

then beggars would ride,

But what does it matter

If I’m a Frican stallion

with the medallion

No need to tell you

when you already know

It’s the colours of my genes

that makes me stand out 

from the pride…


ó meu Deus

Você quente

Quente e apimentado,

For your appeal

You should know how I feel 

Eu te amo 

Profundo do meu rio dentro,

Need I mention

It’s only you girl

who has my attention,

Like waves from the ocean tide

For your many wishes

I be your chef a la carte

The way I serve you dishes

Hors d’ oeuvres on a platter

I cook it up

with a special kind of batter,

Meu amor 


Quando eu cozinho 

Eu faço amor

I’m passion

I aim to please,

For secrets in the sauce

More of these I Portuguese

I’m action,

Mild, lemon & verbs

Or wild, hot & spicy,

Tell me

Tell me

How do you

want me to prepare?

For more of these 

I’m Portuguese……

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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