Perdy, the Cat-a-Pillar Goes to the Circus

It was a beautiful day in the forest where Perdy, the Cat-a-Pillar lives that he decided to go to the circus in the neighboring town.  The sun was rising with a bright, blue sky and puffy, white clouds floating on by the wind.  Perdy whizzed through his morning chores and then headed to his secret place where he kept his extra money when such an occasion came about and going to the circus was just such an occasion.

Perdy arrived at his secret place, but he had to remember his exact location for his extra money and then remember how  to open the safe.  He remembered that he kept his extra money in the fourth hole that was covered with a lid that fit over the opening securely and he had to remember which way to twist or pull.  He thought he had to twist and it turned out he just had to twist and then pull up and then a little sideways.  Once he got his extra money he had to count it and see if he had enough to go to the circus that day, if not he had to find a way to earn a little bit more, so Perdy counted the money and he had $20 extra to go that day.  He checked the circus poster he saved and it takes $25 to get in and receive an all day pass.

The next thing he did was to lock up his safe and head then up to his friend Rachel’s house, well actually it was a pond, but that is another story.  He knocked on the tree nearest her pond and it takes a few minutes for Rachel to make an appearance to her visitors.  Rachel came by from her vine covered entry and saw that it was Perdy and she uttered “Good morning, what can I do for you, Perdy?”  “Well, Rachel I plan to go to the circus today and I need to earn some extra money to be able to go. Can you help me somehow?”  “Well, let’s see.”  “I know, you can cut down some of the weeds around the pond for me.” How much money do you need?”  “I need another $5.”  “There really is not enough work around here for $5 worth of work, but after you finish here I will give you $2. That should give you a start and I think Flighty may have some work that needs done. Perdy went to work on Rachel’s pond that morning, and she was right. Not enough work needed to be done for her at this time.


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