Perdy, the Cat-a-pillar Goes to the Circus (Part 3)

After helping Flighty, the firefly sweep his barn Perdy asked him, “Do you have anything else you need done?”  “Let me think for a minute.”  “Let me see, hmmm.”  While Flighty thought Perdy was looking around the old barnyard.  After a few minutes Flighty told Perdy about sweeping out the loft or the upstairs of the barn.  Perdy looked up and shook his head.

After Perdy thought about it he said, “Okay, let me get started for it is getting late and a still have a few more dollars to earn before I get to go to the circus. “I have three dollars so far and I still need two to get in and I would like a little more to get some treats and maybe some souvenirs.” “I would really like to get a big stuffed dog.  “Well, he is a dollar for sweeping my floor and another one for cleaning my loft.”  “Thank you, very much Flighty.”  Perdy went straight to work.

Perdy swept and swept and swept the floor and even the walls and the ceiling.  Perdy finished sweeping and called Flighty up and asked how he did.  Flighty gave Perdy a big hug and gave him the dollars he earned.

Perdy went on down the road and bumped into his friend Gunther, the earthworm.  They each apologized to each other for Perdy knew Gunther could not see too well in the sunshine.  Perdy asked him if there was anything he needed done, so he could get enough to go the circus.  Gunther sat there and thought and he came up with an idea.  “Well, Perdy, I could use some help digging out some of my tunnels.”  “Would you be willing to help me we do kind of look alike sort of.”  “It is close to lunchtime so let’s have something to eat and then get started.”  After they ate a small salad for Perdy and sort of dirt pudding for Gunther they started digging out a new tunnel for Gunther.

As they were digging out the tunnel they kept on bumping into things.  They put these aside and wanted to look at them when they were through digging.  Gunther then looked around for he could see good underground and said that they only have a little ways to go and they will be done digging and then they just have to go back and shore the dirt walls by patting them down.  This part of the process was the fun part and it went quickly.  Gunther and Perdy pulled all the things they found well digging and started to look at what they found.  They found what looked liked an old watch, a few old bottlecaps, and what looked like an old ring and one old coin.  Gunther and Perdy cleaned these items up and when they were done they all looked pretty good and they both decided to take these articles to town and see if they were worth anything.

They each got cleaned up, gathered the items and headed out the tunnel entrance and went to town.  They reached the town and searched for the town’s pawn shop where they knew people took items to sell and buy.  They found the shop and it was open this time of day.  Perdy and Gunther walked up to the counter and put all the items on the counter and asked, “Mr. Jacks, what do you think these are worth?”  “Well, let’s see? What do we have here:  a few old bottlecaps, an old watch, an old ring and a coin”  The old watch, I see, is a pocketwatch and look there is an inscription on it that says, ‘SDPD’ not sure what it means though, but it could have belonged to a retired policeman for PD could stand for police department, not sure of the SD.  The coin looks like and Indian head penny and could be worth, let’s see let me get my coin book.  It says here on page 124 of ‘Coin Handbook’ this particular Indian Head is worth about $20 how does that sound. “That sounds great!” the both exclaimed.  “What about the other things?” “The watch could be worth and I am not an expert on old watch but could be about $50 and the old bottlecaps, well let’s see what flavors they are I see an old Pepsi and Coca-Cola cap, and a Ginger Ale cap.  These companies do not use these kinds any more, so they are not worth very much except for memory sake, as a collectors item.  If you are happy with those amounts that will let me pay you $70 for the watch and coin.”

“That would be great.”  Looks like I will have enough money for me and all my friends to go to the circus tomorrow.”  “Unless Gunther you are welcome to half, which is $35 dollars.  “That’s all right with me.”  They both headed to their respective homes for now it was getting late and the sun the setting.

The night seemed to take forever to pass for Perdy was so excited about going to the circus. He tossed and turned and finally his alarm clock went off as the sun shown through his window.  He stretched and got dressed and had a piece of toast and headed out his door and went to get all his friends and take them to the circus as well.  His first stop was Rachel followed by Flighty and then Gunther.  At each stop he made he yelled out their name and said “Let’s go to the circus. My treat.”

They all went down the road into the town and they could hear the circus music halfway to town.  As they got closer to town the louder it got and they were getting more excited.  They were so excited.  They made it and the first thing they did was head to the big top and watch the show animals and the clowns and trapeze person.  It was all very exciting.  After the watched the show they headed down the midway and played some games and Perdy bought all his friends some snacks.  They were all getting sleepy from all what they have done and they headed out of town towards home.  They all walked together till they reached their respective homes and each of them said thanks to Perdy for taking them to the circus.

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