Perdy, the Cat-a-pillar and his Friends

This is just a short introduction of the characters and the places that they live.  It is the prequel to the story ‘Perdy, the Cat-a-pillar Goes to the Circus’.

On a bright and sunny day in the forest there lived a caterpillar named Perdy, the Cat-a-pillar and he lived in an old maple tree that he fixed up with what he found around the forest and after he set up his home Perdy went out in the forest to see who may be around and if they would like to be friends with him.  He started to walk down a path he found that led to a small pond.  This pond was so pretty to him for there were a lot of pretty flowers surrounding it.  He noticed a duck swimming along the side and he slowly walked to the duck.

Perdy made it to the side of the pond and he waited till the duck got a little closer, so he would not have to yell so loud.  The duck did come closer to him and Perdy shared his name and the duck slowly paddled up to him and looked him over very closely.  After the duck scrutinized him the duck seemed to trust him and introduced herself.  Rachel, the duck, thought she was a grand swan and shared that she is Rachel, the swan.  They each talked for awhile and Perdy decided to continue his walk down the path he found.

Along the path he found an old stable that seemed to be stable, but a little ramshakle to the passing eye.  Perdy thought he saw something fly into what was the door to a hayloft.  Perdy continued to walk and get closer to the door.  The fly, as they all do, seemed to know that he was getting closer.  He stopped and let the fly get closer.  This fly seem to like to hover around what could have been the horse stalls.  This fly was brave and told Perdy that his name is Flighty, the firefly.  He always seemed to like to light on the boards to the old stalls and then just get up and fly around and since it was getting dusky he saw a small light on Flighty.  Perdy thought this was a special person for him to make friends with at this time.  Perdy and Flighty got closer and closer and just smiled at each other.  Flighty flew up to the old loft door and right before he entered he seemed to blink his tail telling Perdy come on in. Perdy just made his second new friend and they each just started talking as Rachel and him did at the pond.

It was getting late and Perdy decided that he better start heading for home, but he told Flighty, the Firefly he will be back for more talk.  He headed down the path towards home.

The next day he walked by Rachel and Flighty houses and said “Hi.” to each of them when he saw them, but he continued on his journey down the path and he actually bumped into another forest creature that kind of looked like him and since he tripped over him Perdy just introduced himself after he apologized for his clumsiness.  The creature he tripped over was Gunther, the earthworm.  After a few minutes Gunther decided to just blurt out who he was the same time Perdy did the same thing. Gunther was the first one to introduce himself, then Perdy spoke up.

This is when they noticed that they kind of looked like each other.  They looked at each other up and down.  There were differences between the two, but there were similarities as well.  Perdy stood up and slipped in a hole and when he looked around he saw a tiny door and window.  This would be Gunther’s house even if it was mainly dirt. Perdy was thinking how can anyone live here, he thought it would be kind of fun to live in the dirt some days.  Gunther invited Perdy in and they each had a snack and before they knew it the day flew by and Perdy knew he still had things to do at home.  They each said their good-byes and said “See you again.”  Perdy thinks that Gunther might be his best friend along with Flighty and Rachel.

Perdy headed out the door and down the lane, and he couldn’t wait to tell Rachel and Flighty about his new friend that kind of looks like him.



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