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Penetrating The Edge.

Stand outside and look at the horizon, it may be clearer on the shore, look deep into the horizon… that’s the limit of the eye’s view of the roundness of the earth.

Close your eyes, without no light outside the eyelids, and look at it… Gaze it… and that’s the border of eye gaze over the round eyes.

What is there beyond the edge? What is going on over there? Can we cross the border there without walking?

If you want to go beyond the limits of outer conscience, this little mental awareness is actually not difficult to pass. All it takes is just zero mind, Love and longing passionate, unlimited determination, courage, and endless perseverance plus a dash of faith without hope.

If curious, if, over there, there is only Love, there is only a higher self, pure and peaceful, in addition to a variety of insights and magical experiences.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series High Above.


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  1. Why did I not notice this post in the past? It’s so wonderful!! There’s a deep meaning you Implied in every words. Oh my… Honestly, I just concentrated in answering quizzes not knowing that there’s something good here waiting for me to read. Very good art you have there, Albert my friend.

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