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Pencil Studies and Drawings by me

Here are a few photos of my pencil work. I did 2 of the same girl for my thumbnail introduction

The rest here are studies of human growth stages the ones I have in pencil

You see throughout life we are not all the same and neither are we meant to be. 

I believe that the gift of creativity stems from being true to yourself and have freedom to do this

#1 Baby Stage

I used an anatomy book by Loomis. It is my sketch by me, hoping that in what he portrays, I will learn from it

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#2 5 years old Boy

My drawing of a boy from Loomis, hopefully take some of this in.

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#3 5 year old Girl from Loomis

Here is the study by me. My drawing from his example.

Loomis was a great illustrator, some thing I wanted to do but it is all computers today.

I don't regret learning the skills

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#4 Mrs Brkan

My drawing of a Croatian woman.

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#5 Gandalf Pen & Ink Drawing by me

Another study from Lord of the rings

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