Selection of paintings, both traditional and digital. All works are created by myself.

I mostly use acrylic and oils for the traditional paintings. And I try to focus on things that I`m interested in, though I`m open to commissions.

Even though I tend to use loads of resource materials or photos for my paintings, I always endear to try to add my own little spin to things. Whether it be adding little objects within the painting or mixing around with the composition of the piece.

Discworld DEATH

Painting based on the well known fantasy books by Terry Pratchett. All characters are based on the characters involved in these books, though concepts and designs of those characters are all originally my own work. 

This is based on the Terry Patchett novel - Reaper Man - where Death,sorry DEATH takes a kind of sabbatical,with is only true friend , The Death Of Rats. I have painted him playing with his favourite toy, a inept wizard called Rincewind, which he holds as a puppet. The three grey characters on the left are the Auditors who keep a rein on society and the Discworld, to make sure there is balance in the world. Though without the added obstruction of emotion, if one of them say anything relating to `thy self` they are instantly wiped from all existence. The three characters on the right with the compass are of my own design. I call them the T.A.O. which stands for the Tree Aging Organisation. Their job is to go around the Disc, keeping tabs on the trees and adding the appropriate circles inside the trees to indicate their age. Then there is the Khoas butterfly, this is based this one the saying ` If a butterfly beats it`s wings in the US, then a hurricane will develope in China.` Well in the the Discworld series he ( Pratchett ), actually writes that there is actually a butterfly that does this. 

Painted in oils Measuring 4ft x 3ft.


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Written by RichardHarrison