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Saturday, April 11, 2020

It rained last night. But I woke up in the morning to sunshine. At 2 pm, I decided to take a stroll in my neighbor to start my first day of Virtual Hiking. I ran into some neighbors on my way, and I took two snapshots of some things on my way. I suddenly remembered that I also have an Art Marketing online meetup at 3 pm. So, I walked by home and turned on my computer.

The Art Marketing online video started. I hear it, but they cannot hear me because my microphone is old. I probably need to buy a new web camera and microphone.

First, doing the marketing, which involves creating interest and desire. Then, sales pitch to your niche.

Write out a Mission and Vision Statement: be specific with your purpose.

What are your goals, key performers indicators, and web analytics? What are your desired results?

Keep track and measure your progress. Make necessary changes to improve your business.

Track traffic to your website and order page.

Work on client retention.

Online marketing strategy:

-Keyword strategy—identify what to optimize your website with, which is similar to hashtags.


-Update website with new information

-Social media strategy—Facebook, Instagram, Piniterest, Twitter, etc.

Reach, act, convert, and engage. Perform Situation Analysis by using digital media. Audience and customer analysis—figure out target market, competitor benchmarking—gather info about competition, online partner analysis, and personal digital marketing review.

Objective Analysis—analyze your goals and KPI to use. What is your mission and vision? What are your goals, KPI, and web analysis.

Strategy to achieve goals. Segmentation, targeting, positioning, value proposition, engagement, content strategy, and integrated communications strategy. These involve marketing research to learn who are your actual target group. For awareness on other sites and offline media, SEO, pay per click, affiliate and partner marketing. Engagement has to do with connecting brand and customers.

Tactics: digital marketing activities:

Linkbacks and current content to encourage traffic to the website and Lulu order page.

Acquisition and email marketing

Home Page Design and Effectiveness, which involves layout, content, and consistencies. Simply the website in order to make it easy to search and browse.  

Other marketing forms include making videos, blogging, and posting snapshot of your work. 


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