Ones Greed

What changes I have seen, through these eyes that have stood witness to When young they saw without prejudice, now older, it’s harder to see what’s true

When schooled, they were shown the writes and wrongs of academic interpretation Slanted slightly, by the needs of justification for the greatness of our nation

They saw things to them would seem as normal, why should they have been not what was understood They became intimate with what ignorance would accept, not knowing how truths withstood

Becoming accustomed within a conditioned respect, for overbearing hierarchical arrogant diktat As mama said, don’t step out of line, don’t spill your soup, the un spared rod was an answer to all of that

As sheep follow, or water takes the tidal ways of homogeneity in directional intercourse Societal stained peer groups unknowingly oppress, standing shepherd to what I saw, and unknowingly would endorse

They’ve seen change, but did they really meld within a world that would mislead and lie Dressed as truth and honesty, by conformities that needed challenge, and blindfolds removing from the eye

Now the grey hair weighs heavy, as they realise how little they actually saw for themselves Whilst the writes and wrongs of all we see, and understand, are more often the dogmas in books upon the shelves

Is it too late to reaffirm, challenging windmills that would be devilry upon a page And superficiality has had its way, lifelong, only to disturb the lies of unrealities, to eyes of a certain age.


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Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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