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In the path where every wave crashes have removed the robes

let every raindrop cleans intellectual intuition

at the peak when there are no more steps to move

all things in all directions are you

I am your eyes that see everything

as you are the light that makes my eyes see

your existence fulfills every fleck of me

the only reality that brought me to float

in the highest shade

there, above is at the bottom

below also the peak

there is no center or edge

me, we are all in you

you are Him

with everything, everyone in you,

are you.


Poetry & Digital Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – One.


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  1. Oh yeah! Finally get to see your paintings again!!

    I really love the composition … Very drawn to the side view of some reason…

    We’re all one… that is the best but I’d say hard to achieve

  2. Oh wow Albert, I felt so much from your words and that image, incredible. I could feel my son speaking to me. I have a plaque on the wall that is very special reminding me he is always with me, in the light, in the shadows, in the wind, sort of like your poem. Perfect timing for me to read this.


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