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One “Helluva Halloween”!

Halloween come and goes and it seems no matter how much you put into your Jack-O-Lantern it’s true destiny of rotting away is unavoidable. Much like sandcastles your creative hard work is only here for a short period of time. I decided to have the Jack-O-Lantern that lasts all year round. I was given a massive chunk of spruce by my friend Helen and so it began.

I roughed out the shape with a few chainsaw cuts. I knew this would be a lot of chisel work so I didn’t want to tire myself out right at the beginning.

Just like a pumpkin I had to hollow out the inside. I had to reduce the weight and reduce the stress of it drying out. Although it cracked near the back but it’s near the back so who cares! I also needed to be able to put a light in there.

Now the fun part! Detailing the face!!

All done and ready for the stain and finish!


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