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There is no absolute truth. Every form of truth, universal or accepted truth, is tainted with lies – doctored, spun to suit someone else’s interest and ideal. A man can only see either the front or the hind of an elephant; so, how can he know the absolute truth? He only have a piece of the truth. Not the wholeness of the truth. Therefore, not an absolute truth. At best, any truth, thus, is an illusion.

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    • In mathematics, that is. Outside mathematics, 2+2 can be equal to 5 especially where politics is concerned 😂😜. The article above was written with politics in mind 😄 but that thought also applies to religion and many aspects of life.

    • Dearest Ellie, if it is me you are talking with, it is a good rule of the thumb not to believe a thing — who knows maybe I missed lunch while writing that ??? hey, will catch up with your post when I get back to blogging. Sorry for that sweetie ?

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