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This was painted by me under a new art concept that I call #immateriale arte the music is from Acid Mothers Temple from WFMU. #immateriale arte #trasforma #pittura mobile change cultura #digitale #italiana #innova #pittura #complexity usa surf tao #sufi #instago #instagrammers idea #ig_torino #igcuneo #igtrieste #igersitalia #ig_piemonte #complexity #yallerspiemonte #yallerseurope transformation #pittura TORINO

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To watch the video, I suggest to pump up your volume, the music was taken by me from a live performance at WFMU the band who perform is called Acid Mothers Temple.

The video is base on a painting of mine collection absolutely immaterial that I filmed with a short Video on my Instagram account. I like Virily for that. Cause it gives me the opportunity of mixed up a different visual experience of a unique subject, transforming the perspective view of observation.

Today you know the world is liquid, so we need to have a liquid art, that will be able to transform the subject of the analysis. The “Framework” or “Quadro”. #immateriale arte – got a strategy to be like an Octopussy of this new art form.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio


    • You are too young maybe for remember that this was a title of a film of James Bond. One of the most controversies from the critics that considered a judgment 50/50, or an ugly film or a cult movie.

      So, I choose the title for that reason, cause I am in the middle of new art experiments.
      That the real reason for Octopussy.