My October 2017 Local Street Hikes

This decoration reminds me of Tim Burton movies.

Same house but lighted up at a later hour.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

This next decor is at a different area, Turtle Rock community.

I mostly attend two different street hiking meetups, which really takes places at a residential area, but one area-Turtle Rock is very hilly with some wildlife, such as rattlesnakes, while the other area—Woodbridge is flat and around two manmade lakes. The sidewalk pathway has an infinity shape, and there are cute ducks, geese, and rabbits roaming around, as well as some coyote siting. I hope the coyotes are not killed, but taken to some wildlife sanctuary.

Even the South Coast Plaza store window display looks like Halloween decor–black and white masonic floor, black and dark red clothing, and bold and colorful floral decor–all reminds me of an Illuminati Party.

During this month’s street hiking, I have noticed a couple of homes putting up some Halloween decorations. I really haven’t done anything yet, and I am not sure I will, but I might do a little bit, maybe the last couple of days. My decorations tend to be very basic, such as small Halloween toys placed on the windowsill and maybe on the front door.

I met one of these elaborate holiday decorators because she saw me taking snapshots of her interesting Halloween front yard decorations. She told me that she will have more stuff up next week. I can’t wait to go on another hike to see what she will add to her yard décor.

Nordstrom window display also had mannequins modeling the latest autumn fashions 2017 in denim, browns, and other warm-toned colors of yellows, reds, and oranges, which look like the rustic leaves of autumn.


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