[ Obese Freddie ]

Obese Freddie

does play Santa

unwilling though he is often

his spouse is arrogant

society’s nose

she is upfront

a community of 35 households

jingles bells

across green Christmas trees

as December 25 arrives

Freddie is hustled to go by

get a dress of red and white

this time Freddie escaped

to local bistro

got drunk

and grew hole in his skunk

mice had sliced his Santa attire

at hips it was bare; so was the frontage

reindeer were not available and carriage looked ragged

this time Santa drove in

and they rushed ahead with alms

as if he was on a beg!



What do you think?


Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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