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Nunca Mas – giclee print

So here is my last Dia de los Muertos piece for the year, and the title is just a delicious coincidence. It was originally meant to play off La Cuerva, for all you Poe fans out there but it just so happened to work out this way. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious…

#1 release version

This is a new style that I've been developing for a while now. It is very tight on some levels but still quite loose in others. I am considering pushing that concept further, possibly including rough shading strokes and overspray. You'll see what I'm talking about in a future post, please look forward to it!

#2 statue render

You'll notice a lack of statue renders with most of my newer work. I can still do them with the Iray engine, but I tend to do them in a preview mode so I don't have a file to post for you. But if you really want that omake, just let me know and I can easily generate some. It's an extra step that I don't need to take for my process but I'll do it for you if requested...

#3 rough sketch

I usually either do a sepiatone or less frequently a cobaltone sketch but as you can see here, it is possible to use both techniques at the same time. It yields and interesting result that will not work for every piece but seems to be appropriate here

#4 test render for graveyard

I generally tend to deal with my backgrounds and foregrounds separately and then reintegrate them in post, for reasons that would most likely bore and/or confuse you. This is a version where I was experimenting with a more gritty oversaturated look. It is a nice look but ultimately not the direction I decided to take for this piece

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