Normal Service Resumed

‘Normal Transmission Restored’ brings together elements from a number of surreal artworks I’ve made over the past 2 years. An interior of impossibilities.

Over the past 2 years I have made 600+ artworks and exhibited in solo and group shows in the SW of England. Following an art college teaching career of 20 years, 12 years as a college marketing manager and 10 years running my own branding business, it has taken me over 40 years to get to ta stage where circumstances and technology have enabled me to work as a F/T maker of artworks.

If you visit our website you will find more than 20 different collections of my artworks. Different in terms of approach and them.

Look out for my next post… Frozen Distraction… another Surreal work ased on real life experiences.


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Written by Gordon Coldwell


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